View From Here #1

Hi Folks,

Today I’m excited to be introducing a new section of Good Folk, titled “View From Here”. As I have been thinking about the discourse between the rural and urban, one thing I keep coming back to is my belief that so many of these stereotypes about rural places come from the fact that many people don’t actually understand what it is like to be here. If you have never been South, your view is likely filtered through a media lens. The idea of this series is to give a glimpse into life in other places. There is beauty everywhere— and ugliness and construction and art and joy and dirt and green. It is everywhere.

This is also a collaborative series. In View From Here (VFH) posts, you will be offered a prompt to respond to with a photo of your own. Email that photo to us at and we will include it in a future VFH post. The idea is that you will get to see glimpses of daily life from readers all over the country.

This week’s prompt is tree. Take a photo of a tree wherever you are— urban, rural, suburban— and send it to us.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few small glimpses into life lately here in the North Carolina hills.