Jul 20, 2022 • 57M

EP 4: Nia J

Discussed: making it as a musician, returning to your roots, finding home in different places, learning how to trust your voice in artistry, and making beauty out of the chaos.

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Spencer George
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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Nia J moved to NC at a young age and has been living there ever since. She attended UNC Charlotte, where she began making music with a producer and friend— Ike Byers. Together, the pair have collaborated to release several singles and a debut EP comprised of 7 songs, “Rabbit Hole.”

Singer-songwriter, Nia J's melodic music infuses sultry vocals and rich harmonies into contemporary R&B— producing a unique and introspective sound.

She aspires to use both her pain and joy to create music that helps others.

Nia joined us on episode four of the Good Folk Podcast for an important conversation about finding your voice in artistry, learning to trust it, and returning to your roots as part of that process. Many artists from Southern and rural communities grow up being told they should hate the places they are from— that they should want to get to big cities where “real” arts and culture thrive. But none of us would be who we are if it weren’t for the places we are from— our roots imbue our art, our lives, and our own unique journeys.

Nia also curated a guest playlist for us of the songs and artists inspiring her most right now:

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