Jun 22 • 1HR 11M

EP 3: Dacia Green

Discussed: coastal climate change, art and activism, the unique role of Florida in our understanding of the South, land stewardship, documentation, and the belief that people are good.

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Good Folk is a newsletter, podcast, and community project about the people and stories of rural America and the American South. Our podcast features guests in, around, and from rural and Southern communities to have important conversations about their work and the future of this region.
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Dacia Green is a multimedia artist, performer, Floridian, and child of the African diaspora. As a graduate from Williams College with an Honors B.A. in Women's, Gender, and Sexualities Studies and Africana Studies, Dacia relies heavily on the audio-visual form to  repair and disrupt the intricate intersections of identity. At Williams, Dacia published an audio-visual zine entitled Our Home Will Be Underwater By 2040.

Tormented by the question: “What does it mean to exist in a place that will cease to exist in my lifetime?”, Dacia Green, in alliance with (F)empower, uses (F)empower's queer and intersectional lens on environmental politics to offer a site for a queer reimagining of South Florida’s history; a history saturated in colonialism, settlerism, gentrification, and violence.

We are thrilled to have Dacia join us for episode three of the Good Folk podcast, where we delve into their work documenting coastal climate change and the organizations taking creative approaches to acknowledge it. We also discuss the complicated history of the region and the unique role of Florida in the Southeastern landscape.


Our Home Will Be Underwater By 2040


Sea levels are going to rise by at least 20ft. We can do something about it. (from The Guardian)

Common High Ground (from The Bitter Southerner)